The Ride Workouts Formats

At The Ride, we are very proud of our four signature classes: Ride Rush, Ride Rhythm, Ride Race and Ride Series.

Not sure which ride format to try first? We truly believe that there will be a class that everyone can enjoy and benefit from. Read on to find the right one for you!

Ride Rhythm

If you love riding to the beat, our musically focused Ride Rhythm classes are for you! Ride Rhythm class are 45- minutes of matching your rpm to the beat of the music and letting the music drive your effort. Rhythm riding makes for a fun, enjoyable class- but don’t be fooled, they still work up a sweat!

Ride Race

Ride Race is our series of 45- or 60-minute performance focused classes. Ride race classes are ideal for riders who enjoy a more technical riding style and longer work sets, and who may wish to track their workouts e.g., with the Keiser app or via Heart Rate monitoring. Ride Race classes promise to push your comfort zone and leave riders feeling challenged and accomplished.

Ride Rush

Short on time, but still want an effective workout? Ride Rush is our express class series- 30 minutes of high intensity interval style riding with some serious red zone efforts. Shorter classes, with no reduction in metabolic conditioning!

Ride Series

We are excited to announce our next collection of workouts called “Ride Series”. This collection of workouts will include 12 rides that build from ride to ride and focus on a specific end goal like improving your F.T.P. or becoming a stronger climber.

Ready to work out? Check out all our ride formats on The Ride by Keiser App!